Meditative state

Positive thoughts

Brings you closer to God

A Beginners Guide to Mantra Meditation

⮞ Uncover your purpose, cultivate peace, and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

⮞ Become the best and most authentic version of yourself through maha-mantra meditation.

Get Started

Let’s start meditating!

Mantra Meditation is something everyone can do, here's how.

If you are ready to start right away, we recommend our favourite mantra, the Hare Krishna Maha mantra – proclaimed as the sum and substance of spiritual practice for this age by the Vedas (ancient yoga, meditation texts).

Are you willing to be a process of growth?

Unless you are absolutely sure about any of the other traditions or mantras being perfect for you, start with what we recommend and see where that goes!
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Step-by-step instruction

① Take a seat.
② Set a time limit
③ Notice your body. ...
④ Feel your breath. ...
⑤ Speak your mantra out loud.

⑥ Bring back the wandering mind to the sound vibration.
⑦ Close with gratitude. ...
That's it!

What’s next?

Were you mindful of the boost in you consciousness, at least for a split second?

If you are ready to learn more about maha-mantra meditation, enrol in our free 7 lesson challenge that also gives you access to our community with experienced meditation practitioners, more courses and live sessions.